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Iran possesses the largest and most diverse missile arsenal in the Middle East, with thousands of ballistic and cruise missiles, some capable of striking as far as Israel and southeast Europe. For the past decade, Iran has invested significantly to improve these weapons' precision and lethality. Such developments have made Iran's missile forces a potent tool for Iranian power projection and a credible threat to U.S. and partner military forces in the region. Iran has not yet tested or. In the 1980s and 1990s, Iran acquired Soviet and North Korean missiles and converted them to make its Shahab-1, Shahab-2 and Shahab-3 missiles. Today, Iran produces its own arsenal of ballistic and cruise missiles. How did Iran build up its own domestic missile industry? How has Iran innovated on earlier missile designs? The origins of Iran's missile technology were Soviet, North Korean and possibly Chinese. This basic technology was then reverse engineered, enhanced and produced.

The Ghadr-110 is a medium-range ballistic missile designed and developed by Iran. The missile has a range of 1,800 to 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) and as such is the Iranian missile with the longest range. It is believed to be an improved version of the Shahab-3, also known as the Ghadr-101 If Iran ever finishes its nuke, it already will have a missile capable of delivering it across much of the world. It's up to the Biden administration to put the genie back in the bottle. But. On 2 November 2006, Iran fired unarmed missiles to begin 10 days of military war games. Iranian state television reported dozens of missiles were fired including Shahab-2 and Shahab-3 missiles. The missiles had ranges from 300 km (190 mi) to up to 2,000 km (1,200 mi)...Iranian experts have made some changes to Shahab-3 missiles installing cluster warheads in them wit Iran's Ballistic Missile Capabilities: 100,000 Missiles in 7 MinutesIran has been working on its baIIistic missile programme for several decades, using both. It states that Iran has a major production facility in Parchin. It warns that many aspects of range and reliability are unclear, but that Iran has exported missiles to Iraq, Syria, and Yemen and states that Iran is establishing a missile production facility in Syria. It also notes that Iran has supplied Shahab (dubbed 'Burkan' by Houthi forces), Qiam-1 (dubbed 'Burkan-2' and 'Burkan-2H'), and Soumar cruise missiles to the Houthi in Yemen

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  1. The Qiam-1 [Uprising-1] is a liquid fueled, short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) developed and deployed by Iran. The missile is an indigenous variant of the Shahab-2 SRBM. Unlike Iran's other Scud -variants, it does not have external tail fins, and has a separating warhead
  2. The backbone of Iran's missile forces are the Shahab-series of liquid-fueled (mostly) short-range ballistic missiles (SRBM). There are three variants of the missile: The Shahab-1, Shahab-2 and..
  3. Iran Human Rights (IHR) weist darauf hin, dass die meisten Todesurteile seit 1979 durch das Islamische Revolutionsgericht verhängt und vollstreckt wurden, 2016 64 % der Hinrichtungen und mehr als 3200 Hinrichtungen seit 2010. Die dortigen Verfahren sind weniger transparent als bei öffentlichen Gerichten und Amtsmissbrauch durch die Richter des Revolutionsgerichtes ist verbreitet. Verfahren an diesen Gerichten dauern häufig weniger als 15 Minuten, es gibt kein Recht auf selbstgewählte.
  4. It comes a year after Iran launched ballistic missiles at US forces in Iraq and follows Tehran's sending of missile technology to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen in recent years. A report said that..
  5. Iran expanded its missile testing this year, including the use of missiles that could reach the territory of the European Union (EU). This is clear from documents from Western intelligence..

Iran's Missiles: Military Strategy The Iran Prime

Iran has the largest and most diverse ballistic missile arsenal in the Middle East. (Israel has more capable ballistic missiles, but fewer in number and type.) Most were acquired from foreign sources, notably North Korea. The Islamic Republic is the only country to develop a 2,000-km missile without first having a nuclear weapons capability Iran-linked militias in Iraq have continued in recent weeks to launch much smaller yet nonetheless deadly barrages of rockets against US and Iraqi positions in the country. In response, President Joe Biden authorized an airstrike last week on a remote border crossing outpost used by local Iran-backed militias Iran releases video of missile attacks on US bases in Iraq. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up Next

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Stay on top of Iran latest developments on the ground with Al Jazeera's fact-based news, exclusive video footage, photos and updated maps Iran has employed ballistic missiles in attacks on targets in Syria's Civil War and has proliferated missiles to its non-state allies in the Middle East. Iran launched a coordinated ballistic missile strike against U.S. assets in Iraq on 7 January 2020, in response to the U.S. assassination of high-ranking Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani The US defence department said Iran launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles that targeted at least two Iraqi military bases - Al Asad and Irbil, in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region. Mr.. Iran's missile program has a long and active history and is driven by influential forces at the top of the Islamic Republic's hierarchy. Iran in recent years has developed - and demonstrated in action - a number of advanced conventionally-armed missiles that can threaten U.S. forces and allies in the Middle East. It has also been increasingly willing to export these missiles, as well. Iran secretly moved more missiles to Iraq in November 2019, reports indicate. Iran also constructed the Imam Ali base near Albukamal. In May 2020, it built new storage tunnels at the Imam Ali base.

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Iran fired a number of missiles at two Iraqi bases housing US troops Wednesday local time in retaliation for the American strike that killed a top Iranian general last week. Ahead of Trump's.. India has asked its citizens to avoid all non-essential travel to Iraq, amid rising tension between Iran and the US after a drone strike by the American military killed a top Iranian commander last.. Iran missile strike plot: US holds secret meeting with Israel and Saudi Arabia amid crisis THE US held a secret meeting with Israel and Saudi Arabia last week, amid claims that Israel Defense.

Iran first deployed ballistic missiles in the 1980s during the Iran-Iraq War. Facing air and missile attacks on its cities and witnessing the rapid atrophying of an air force almost entirely composed of American aircraft, Iran turned to Libya, Syria, and North Korea for the Soviet R-17 ballistic missile, which was also utilized by Iraq Iran's missile program poses a serious threat to the security interests of the United States and its partners, both in the Middle East and beyond. Key U.S. objectives with respect to that. Iran händigt Blackbox von abgeschossenem Flugzeug an Ukraine aus15.52 Uhr: Der Iran hat sich bereit erklärt, die Blackbox der irrtümlich abgeschossenen ukrainischen Passa.. Iran's missile program has a long and active history and is driven by influential forces at the top of the Islamic Republic's hierarchy. Iran in recent years has developed - and demonstrated in action - a number of advanced conventionally-armed missiles that can threaten U.S. forces and allies in the Middle East. It has also been increasingly willing to export these missiles, as well as missile production equipment, to its proxies in the region Iran's military strategy is heavily reliant upon the ability to launch huge numbers of missiles at various ranges on very short notice, from heavily fortified missile cities that could not easily be knocked out with pre-emptive strikes. Iran also has a dismaying habit of supplying missiles to its allies and proxies, from Lebanese Hezbollah to the Houthi insurgents of Yemen

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps unveiled on Friday one of its strategic missile bases located on the shores of the Persian Gulf, according to the corps' Sepahnews website March 15, 2021. Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) revealed what it said was a new underground missile base capable of conducting electronic warfare in support of the country's navy, state-run television reported. The subterranean missile city houses both ballistic and cruise missiles that will support Iran's navy, IRGC commander. Iran retaliated on January 8 by firing missiles at bases in Iraq where US troops were stationed. On the same day, Iran's armed forces shot down a Kyiv-bound Boeing 737 passenger jet over Tehran.

Iran strikes back at US with missile attack at bases in

Iran last announced that it had tested a similar missile with a range of about 1,200 miles in September of 2017 and noted that the missile could carry several warheads, according to R Shahab-3: The Shahab-3 was considered Iran's first medium range ballistic missile (MRBM), almost identical in appearance and abilities to the DPRK's Nodong nuclear-capable MRBM. Development of a domestic version of the Nodong, the Shahab-3, began when Iranian Brigadier General Manouchehr Manteghi traveled to North Korea in 1993 with twenty-one Iranian missile specialists. Since its operational introduction a decade later, constant developments have complicated gauging complete. Die Shahab 3 ist eine einstufige Mittelstreckenrakete, die in den 1990er-Jahren im Iran entwickelt wurde. Sie basiert auf der nordkoreanischen Rakete Nodong-1. Aufgrund der Nutzlast kann sie auch Atomwaffen tragen As news spread across the world of Iran's provocative missile tests, so did an image of four missiles heading skyward in unison. Unfortunately, it appeared to contain one too many missiles, a point that had not emerged before the photo was used on the front pages of The Los Angeles Times, The Financial Times, The Chicago Tribune and several other newspapers as well as on BBC News, MSNBC. Iran's ballistic missiles arsenal is one of the flashpoints in Tehran's long-running disputes with its Arab neighbors and the United States. Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab countries have called..

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Iran displayed a new cruise missile with a range of 1,300 km (800 miles) on Saturday during celebrations marking the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, state television reported Iran retaliated for the killing of Gen. Qassem Soleimani by firing more than a dozen ballistic missiles at two Iraqi air bases housing U.S. forces on Wednesday local time Iran's Fateh-110, one of the missiles thought to have been used against Ain al-Asad, marries inertial sensors and GPS in this way, turning what was once a crude rocket into a precision weapon

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The launch on 2 August of a Borkan-3 liquid-propelled medium-range ballistic missile by Houthi rebels in Yemen, whom Iran has been accused of arming The unsuccessful launch of a Safir satellite. Calls to limit Iran's missile program have become all the rage in Washington. But prospects for even a modest missile deal with Iran are looking slimmer by the day. While the more ambitious proposals were unrealistic to begin with, the most feasible option—to lock in a 2,000-kilometer range limit on Iran's ballistic missiles—may soon slip out of reach too For one thing the beneficiaries of Iran's expanding ballistic missile arsenal are basically terror and militia groups. Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, previously admitted An underground missile base lurking somewhere beneath Iran looks an awful lot like a James Bond villain lair, complete with walls carved out of rock, spotlights, and a promise of severe revenge

Iran fired as many as 15 ballistic missiles into Iraq Wednesday, officials said, in a major retaliation by the rogue regime after a U.S. drone strike that killed Iranian Quds Force Gen. Qassem. 2287. Iran has launched missile strikes aimed at US troops in Iraq in what it said was retaliation for the killing last week of the top Iranian general Qassem Suleimani. The Pentagon confirmed. The JCPOA imposes no limits on Iran's missile development and proliferation; instead, the deal schedules UN restrictions on Iran's ballistic missiles to expire in 2023. 3 During the years the United States participated in the JCPOA (2015 to 2018), Iran launched at least 27 ballistic missiles as part of tests or military operations. 4 Last year, the clerical regime fired ballistic missiles at military bases in Iraq housing American personnel. 5 Iran's terrorist proxies use Iranian. Iran fired a number of missiles at two Iraqi bases housing US troops Wednesday local time in retaliation for the American strike that killed a top Iranian general last week Occasionally Iran's Revolutionary Guards broadcast the news about one of its new so-called 'missile cities,' which mostly are based in underground facilities. The latest presentation of one such missile city was the presenting of a missile equipment silo by the IRGC's marine forces with the presence of the Hossein Salami, the IRGC head

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Iran launched more than a dozen missiles at Iraqi bases hosting US and coalition troops overnight, declaring the strikes to be retaliation for the killing last week of the senior Iranian general. Iran fired more than a dozen ballistic missiles at U.S. forces in Iraq, the Pentagon said late Tuesday. Iran said the attacks were retaliation for the U.S. killing of Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem. Uncomfortable Lessons: Reassessing Iran's Missile Attack . February 6, 2020. Nearly one month has passed since Iran attacked U.S. troops in Iraq with a barrage of ballistic missiles. As considerably more information has now come to light, a reassessment now seems in order. Initially characterized as a symbolic act to be shrugged off, newer information shows the attacks were of greater. IRAN has showed off its new missile city today packed full of ballistic rockets in a chilling message to US President Joe Biden. Footage shared by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy in Iran shows the underground bunker with dozens of missiles. 7. Footage shared by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy shows the underground bunker with dozens of missiles Credit: R. 7. It. Iran may soon get access to North Korean missile technology as it extends its military dealings with China under a 25-year strategic military dea

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  1. Iran's semi-official Fars news agency said the Martyr Hajj Qasem is a surface-to-surface ballistic missile with a range of 870 miles. An Iranian state TV report claimed that the missile had been.
  2. Iran has a highly developed missile force with weapons of a variety of ranges, Jonathan Marcus, the BBC's defense and diplomatic correspondent, said. They are reasonably accurate — but not as.
  3. Iran missile caused Tehran plane crash, intelligence officials believe. Trudeau says 'unintentional' act could have brought down Ukraine airliner with 176 on board. A memorial to the dead on.
  4. Iran's missile strikes against targets in Syria and Iraq (June 18, 2017 and September 08, 2018 respectively) suggest a patter to Iran's missile attacks. In both strikes an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was sent over the target area to conduct battle damage assessment, one liquid fueled ballistic missile and around six solid propellant ballistic missiles. Current conflicts in the Middle.
  5. ister Ali Shamkhani's had said, The Shahab-3 missile is the last military missile Iran will produce,--- We have no plans for another war missile. (8) By March 1999, fifteen Shahab-3 missiles would have been produced domestically by Iran based on the Defense Ministers comments after the July 22, 1998 flight test

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  1. President Donald Trump addressed the nation Wednesday hours after Iran launched missile strikes on two bases in Iraq where U.S. forces were stationed, de-escalating the crisis by threatening.
  2. Iran-Konflikt: Trump legt beim Thema Soleimani nach - Ich kann verraten, dass ich... Update 18.06 Uhr: Der Iran hat zugegen das ukrainische Passagierflugzeug über Teheran abgeschossen zu.
  3. Iran Says It Fired Tens Of Missiles At A Major US Military Base In Iraq Salvador Hernandez · Jan. 8, 2020; Here's A Running List Of False And Unverified Information About The Killing Of Qassem Soleimani Jane Lytvynenko · Jan. 3, 2020; A Top Iranian Military Commander Was Killed In A US Airstrike In Baghdad Stephanie K. Baer · Jan. 3, 202
  4. According to Iran's Defense Ministry, however, the Haj Qasem is controlled entirely using aerodynamic means—that is, via moving control surfaces only, which on their own would make the missile unmaneuverable in exoatmospheric trajectories. The use of thrust-vectoring could greatly improve its maneuverability at such high altitudes, while the use of a 500 kg separating warhead with moving.
  5. France and other Western countries have called on Iran to halt its missile activities and demanded that the issue be included in the talks for revival of the 2015 nuclear deal. Iranian officials.
  6. Iran, which has one of the biggest missile programmes in the Middle East, is expanding its arsenal. The missiles were fired during an exercise in the country's central desert region and follow the testing of surface-to-surface ballistic missiles and new drones. The chief of the Revolutionary Guards, Major General Hossein Salami, said the use of long-range missiles against enemy warships.
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Iran's extensive missile programme has long been a source of tensions between the nation and the West as they are believed to be in breach of UN sanctions How does Iran equip its proxies and allies with increasingly sophisticated and longer-range ballistic missiles and artillery rockets? Fabian Hinz considers Iran's new missile-proliferation strategy Called Shahab-3 (meteor or shooting star in Farsi) the missiles gave Iran a capability with twice the range of the existing Scud-C/Shahab-2 missiles it had in service, with a range of 1,300. Iran has demonstrated its missile prowess in recent years against foes such as the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) in Syria and the U.S. military, which Iran targeted earlier this year in Iraq. Iran shows military might in desert missile and drone exercise (VIDEO) Tehran has kicked off its latest war game deep in the Iranian desert, showcasing the country's surface-to-air missiles and cutting-edge drone technology. On Friday, reports and videos emerged from Iran showing the nation's latest display of military strength

Iran's Revolutionary Guards launched 22 ballistic missiles at two US targets in Iraq in retaliation for the killing of Quds Force leader Qassem Soleimani. US President Donald Trump confirmed there.. Iranian TV footage shows a number of missile components appearing to belong to the Qiam-1 ballistic missile system, which has a range of about 400 miles There is time to prevent such a dangerous development - but not by making unrealistic demands on Iran to stop all missile development. That Tehran will never do. Possessing only an antiquated air force, Iran depends on missiles for deterrence and defence, not to mention national pride. It does not need ICBMs, however. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei himself decreed in 2017 that Iran. Resolution 2231 retains the arms embargo on Iran for five years after implementation and the sanctions on Iran's ballistic missile program for eight years. Both could be lifted earlier if the IAEA reaches a determination about Iran's nuclear program known as the Broader Conclusion. These sanctions are nuclear-related as they were put in place under Resolution 1929. Iran is also called upon not to undertake activities on ballistic missiles designed to be nuclear-capable Long-range missiles belonging to Iran splashed down Saturday just 100 miles from the Nimitz aircraft carrier strike group, Fox News reported. At least two Iranian ballistic missiles exploded

Among the more striking and ­potentially worrisome developments is technology on Iran's 500-mile Qiam missile that allows ­controllers to fine-tune its ­trajectory during flight. Even the. Iran's head of the Revolutionary Guards, Major General Hossein Salami, announced the secret underground missile base, which is filled with missiles with ranges of hundreds of kilometres. Home U.K Multiple U.S. intelligence assessments have reported that Iran has the largest ballistic missile arsenal in the Middle East.7 Missiles not only offer Iran a cheaper long-range strike platform compared to military aircraft - which are harder to procure, due to sanctions - but can also serve as a delivery vehicle for nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction (WMD). U.S. intelligence assesses that Iran's ballistic missiles are inherently capable of delivering WMD. The study also explained that Iran considers missiles to be a strategic necessity due to the limitations of its air force. Lacking a modern air force, Iran has embraced ballistic missiles as a long-range strike capability to dissuade its adversaries in the region - particularly the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia - from attacking Iran, the report said Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images. President Donald Trump addressed the nation Wednesday hours after Iran launched missile strikes on two bases in Iraq where U.S. forces were stationed, de-escalating.

Nuclear threat: Iran significantly expands missile testing

  1. TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran's army test fired a sophisticated short-range missile on Sunday, state media reported. The report by the official IRNA news agency quoted the chief of the army's.
  2. Iran claims it has 'missile cities' as 6 incidents prompt theories it is under attack. Iranian authorities initially dismissed the incidents as accidents but now there are claims the country's.
  3. Iran says it successfully test fired a new surface-to-surface missile called Qiam-1. Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi says the liquid fueled missile is of a new class. It is a short-range missile with no wings or fins giving it tactical power. —Michael Elleman, Generation Qiam: Iran's New Missile, The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), 26 August 2010; Iran Test Fires Surface-to-Surface Missile, AFP, 20 August 2010. 22 August 201
  4. Iran missile strike: Two US-Iraq bases hit by 22 rockets in revenge attacks as crisis escalates. Donald Trump tweets 'all is well' as UK says it is 'concerned by reports of casualties
  5. (Bloomberg) -- An Iranian missile struck an Israeli ship sailing from Tanzania to India, Israel's Channel 12 said, without saying where it got the information or how Iran was implicated.It's.
  6. Iran's Missile Strike Against The U.S. In Iraq: What We Know Satellite photos show the Iranian strike caused extensive damage — but apparently no loss of life — at the Ain al-Assad air base in.

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  1. Despite the attack, the ship was able to continue to its destination port, where it is expected to arrive next week and where an assessment of the damage is expected to be made.An unnamed Israeli security official later confirmed to R that an Israeli-owned ship was hit by a missile, saying that Iran was the suspected culprit
  2. istration is considering a near wholesale rollback of some of the most stringent Trump-era sanctions imposed on Iran in a bid to get the Islamic Republic to return to compliance with a landmark 2015 nuclear accord, according to current and former U.S. officials and others familiar with the matter. As indirect talks continue this week in Vienna to explore the.
  3. Iran's missile tests demonstrate how it has benefitted from its cooperation with North Korea and signal Iran's clear intention to upgrade the range, accuracy and lethality of its ballistic missile arsenal. Similarly, North Korea's ballistic missile tests undertaken in 2017 showed signs of incorporated Iranian technological improvements, highlighting the mutually beneficial nature of.
  4. ed to develop and acquire ever more advanced and accurate ballistic missiles - but its.
  5. Iran Missile Program Must Be 'On the Table' in Nuclear Talks, Biden National Security Adviser Says . Tehran says its ballistic missile program is non-negotiable, while Biden has promised to join the nuclear deal while building on it. Ben Samuels Washington. Jan. 3, 2021. Get email notification for articles from Ben Samuels Follow. Jan. 3, 2021. Share in WhatsApp. Share in Facebook. Share.
  6. By striking al-Asad, Iran put its medium range ballistic missile capability on display and let the region and the world know it isn't afraid to use it. Finally, Iran's response is intended just as much for its own audience — the Iranian people, Shia combatants in Yemen, and the Bashar Assad regime and its forces in Syria — as it is for the U.S. and the rest of the world. Very public.
  7. Iran Unveils New Solid-Fuel Ballistic Missile Named After The General America Killed An advanced surface-to-surface ballistic missile is joined by a new naval cruise missile — and Iran has shown.

Iran opens shoulder-fired missile, hybrid solid fuel facilities . Politics; February 6, 2021 - 17:37. TEHRAN - Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri, the Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, on Saturday opened factories producing advanced shoulder-fired missiles and hybrid solid fuel for various missiles used in ground warfare, according to Tasnim news agency. After inaugurating the. Iran's Revolutionary Guard launched a missile and drone drill on Friday featuring wedge-shaped suicide drones that strongly resemble the craft used to attack a Saudi oil facility in 2019 Iran to firmly continue development of missile capability. TEHRAN, Mar. 18 (MNA) - Iranian Minister of Defense says the Islamic Republic will firmly continue to strengthen its missile capabilities, in line with the defensive plans, in the upcoming calendar year (starts March 21) In the middle of the night, Iran launched 16 missiles at two U.S. military bases in Iraq, in retaliation for the U.S. drone strike in Baghdad that killed Iran's top general, Qasem Soleimani Iran's Revolutionary Guards on Friday launched a missile and drone drill in central Iran, their official website reported — the country's third military exercise in less than two weeks. The moves come at a time of heightened tensions with the United States in the final days of President Donald Trump's administration. Dubbed the Great Prophet 15, Friday's drill featured a new.

'They seemed fine': Troops who suffered brain injuries in Iran missile attacks initially had no symptoms, sources say . by Russ Read & Susan Katz Keating | January 17, 2020 03:26 PM Print this. Iran initially announced only one missile strike, but U.S. officials confirmed both. U.S. defense officials were at the White House, likely to discuss options with Trump, who launched the attack on Soleimani while facing an upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate. Iran's Revolutionary Guard warned the U.S. and its regional allies against retaliating over the missile attack against the Ain.

Iraq: Iranian exiles blame missile blitz at Camp LibertyIsrael Has a Submarine That Could Destroy Entire Nations

WASHINGTON - Iran fired more than a dozen missiles at U.S. troops and coalition forces at two bases in Iraq on Tuesday, an apparent retaliation for a U.S. drone strike days earlier that killed. IRAN S ar k hs K ho rms a B and r- e L eng h J a s k B az m n B a m S irja n B a fq B irja nd G orga n Q om E s lam hr K as h n S haru d D e z ful Band r e hs ti K a ng A b ad n K ar j B ak ht run M anz driy h K uhe s ta k M s Yazd Yasuj Ahvaz R asht Kerman E sfahan Arak S ari S emnan K horramabad S hiraz Bandar-e Bushehr Bandar-e Abbas S hahr. Given the apparent reliability value of the missiles launched to actually hit something (somewhat over 50 percent) and the apparent CEP below 100m, this strike sent a message: Iran can put. Iran fires 22 missiles at two air bases in 'revenge' for Qassem Soleimani's killing. British, US and Iraqi officials say there are no immediate reports of casualties - though buildings are still. Der Iran hat zwei US-Militärstützpunkte im Irak angegriffen, in denen US-Soldaten stationiert sind. Dutzende Raketen wurden abgefeuert, einer der Stützpunkte sei vollständig zerstört worden.

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